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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cuddle therapy and companionship is a service where a cuddle professional can provide comfort and relaxation through platonic touch. It can include hugging, holding, cuddling, and other gentle touch techniques, but is not limited to that. Depending on the cuddle therapy provider, their individual service and skills, they can offer a wide variety of activities. Primarily, cuddle therapy promotes emotional, psychological and physical well-being. It’s truly a unique service that can give you an experience you won’t be able to find in any other modality, service or form of therapy.

  • A typical cuddle and companionship session at Cuddle Therapy Las Vegas is aimed at providing comfort, companionship, compassion and relaxation. Here’s what it can look like for you:

    1. Initial Greeting: I’ll arrive at your desired location for our cuddle and companionship session or at my location just 15 minutes from the Las Vegas strip, and you’ll be greeted with a warm, soft-spoken 5’11” long-haired Asian man who’s confidence-inspiring. At this time, I’ll give you an overview of our session so you know what to expect.
    2. Discussion of Preferences and Boundaries: Before the session begins, we’ll talk about your preferences, desires, comfort levels and any boundaries you’d like to have for our session. This session is catered entirely to you so feel free to design it the way you’d like as well. We want to make sure this is a safe and respectful experience for both of us.
    3. Comfortable Environment: If I’m traveling to your location, I’ll do my best to set the environment so it’s comfortable and relaxing. At my location, it will be clean, smell lightly of santal aromatherapy, and discreet. Depending on the activity I’ve catered for you or we craft together, there can be soft lighting, soothing music, and cozy blankets and other materials.
    4. Cuddling Positions: I’m very knowledgeable with platonic physical intimacy, cuddling positions and touch therapy. We could experiment with several positions or stay in a couple that you like. Cuddling can include hugging, spooning, or holding hands. Based on your preferences, there’s an infinite number of positions you can explore. And remember, a session isn’t limited to simply cuddling. 
    5. Open Communication: Throughout the session, I encourage you to openly communicate with me. My top priority is that you feel safe, comfortable, relaxed and respected. Feel free to request anything and we’ll decide together how we can facilitate the session.
    6. Conclusion: The session will end with a gentle transition to conclude our time together. We’ll adhere to the time we’ve allotted together so your expectations are always respected.

    Getting set up with your session is a very simple process. You’ll message me to talk about the time, date and location you’d like for the session. I’ll have you fill a first-time client form. Once you’re accepted as my client, I’ll add our session to my calendar and you can be pretty much certain I won’t cancel. You can pay when I see you using any form of payment (I accept most forms of payment). I’ll also confirm with you 24-48 hours before our session to make sure everything is good.

  • Cuddle therapy is generally safe when done with a licensed professional who’s experienced, trained and credible; has testimonials from clients. This is especially important if you’re a woman looking for a cuddle and companionship session as safety and comfort is your primal concern. As for me, I’ve been in the personal development space since 2008 and also own the number 1 tantra therapy in the US. I have over 100+ glowing 5-star reviews from clients. You can be certain your time with me will be enjoyable and sometimes even transformative.

  • We’ll meet at our agreed location – either my location, a clean, serene and discreet location just 15 minutes from the Las Vegas strip or at your place or hotel. We’ll go over expectations for the session and any input on what you would like during our time together.

    The platonic cuddle session itself can involve a wide variety of techniques and activities, not limited to only cuddling. See my blog for all 100 cuddle positions you could enjoy during our session. Generally, these positions include platonic touch techniques like hugging, holding, and gentle stroking. Each session is catered to your preference and boundaries for you to feel safe and relaxed.

  • I recommend you wear something comfortable and loose-fitting like sweatpants and a t-shirt. You should feel easy and free to move around during our session.

  • Yes! While I only do my sessions with women and couples, I can certainly refer you to one of my trusted female cuddle friends. Just fill this form.

  • Cuddle therapy and companionship could be right for you if you’re wanting non-sexual, nurturing touch for your emotional well-being. Since every session is catered to your preferences and goals, I encourage you to message me so I can help you design a session or give you suggestions if a session with me isn’t for you.

  • At this time, I don’t charge cancellation fees. I only ask that if anything changes in your schedule, just let me know and we can reschedule or cancel the session.

  • Yes. I have a very strict client-therapist confidentiality. This is the only reason I’ve worked with prominent and very well-known public figures and actresses. Everything that goes on between our sessions are strictly between us and are never shared with anyone.

  • How often you book a session depends entirely on your needs and goals. I have clients that book me several times a year, some every week, some once a month, etc. It’s really a very individual needs thing. The benefit to you is you can always rely that I offer you this service professionally and will be here when you need me.

  • Partly yes, because of the oxytocin that your brain releases which is a natural painkiller. It blocks pain signals in the brain. But this is definitely not a substitute for physical therapy or medication if that physical pain needs it.

  • Your safety, comfort and delight is my top priority. If you ever feel uncomfortable during a session, please let me know immediately so I can adjust what I can or stop it entirely. Do not feel awkward at all because I’m a professional and have many ways we can adjust the situation so you can be in a good and comfortable place.

  • Yes, paying for cuddle therapy and companionship is legal in Nevada and most of the US. Cuddle therapy involves non-sexual, platonic touch and companionship. Our sessions are professional and retain boundaries so that you’re safe and respected. 

  • A cuddle session with myself ranges from $200-$400/hr depending on season, availability and demand. Simply send me a message and I’ll answer any questions you have.

  • Cuddle therapy offers a lot of benefits, especially from a professional like myself who’s experienced, established and credible – with tons of reviews from clients. With a pro, you’re able to experience a non-sexual cuddle session with all of its benefits without all of the strings attached with a non-professional setting. In addition, you benefit from the vast knowledge, intimate connection and emotional intelligence a cuddle professional has to help put you in an optimal emotional and psychological well-being.